Its actions will be developed to be complementary to the activities of existing network structures. The idea was to create a Non-Profit International Association (NPIA)  governed by the provisions of Title III of the Belgian law of 27 July 1921 on non-profit associations, foundations and non-profit international associations.

  • To increase knowledge on Financial inclusion
    The aim is to increase and format available data & develop use of indicators to monitor financial exclusion, to provide regular assessment of financial inclusion based on available indicators and to identify and evaluate policy measures with a positive impact on financial inclusion and to highlight the impact of  financial inclusion policies on wider social inclusion.
  • To be a forum and mutual learning place
    The aim is to increase mutual learning on financial inclusion policies and the participation of all key actors in that process.
  • To ensure knowledge dissemination and financial inclusion promotion
    The aim is to increase policy makers awareness and information on policy measures to promote financial inclusion and to develop and promote European, national, regional and local strategies.