Joint meeting between COFACE Families Europe and Finans Danmark: “Social Policy & Mortgage Lending –
The Danish Mortgage Model in a European perspective”

Copenhagen; Thursday 9th & Friday 10th November 2017

Meeting documents:

Introduction to the Danish Mortgage Model and how it works
Carsten Noeddebo Rasmussen
Rasmussen, CEO Realkredit Danmark and Chairman of The Association of Danish Mortgage Banks

The Danish Mortgage Model and social policy
How does it help fulfil certain ethical and social objectives and how does it fit more broadly within the Danish context.
Morten Skak, Associate Professor at University of Southern Denmark

The Danish Mortgage Model and the EU context
How does it fit within the EU regulatory framework, what is it’s relation with other financial service providers, what are the threats to its survival, is it sustainable, what could be interesting for other EU countries?
Thomas Brenøe, Head of consumer protection department at The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority

Families Europe: Experiences from other countries in accessing mortgage credit – challenges and state of play
Jean-Bernard Audureau
, ASGECO, Spain
Fabien Tocqué, UNAF, France
Pierre Colignon, Fonds Wallon du Logement, Belgium
Harry O’Rahilly, CCPC, Ireland

Europe and Financial Inclusion – investor and consumer perspectives
Aleksandra Maczynska
, Better Finance
Olivier Jérusalmy, European Financial Inclusion Network (EFIN) and Finance Watch
Anne Fily, Consultant in Consumer Affairs for BEUC, EFIN and Finance Watch