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EFIN - a EU Network to tackle financial exclusion

IMPORTANT & URGENT : The EU Commission has launched a consultation EFIN will answer to " Green Paper on retail financial services: better products, more choice, and greater opportunities for consumers and businesses"

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EFIN is a partner of the ECRI-CEPS conference "Over-indebtedness of European households: Myths and realities", Brussels, Place du Congrès 1

on Tuesday, 26 January 2016, from 10:00 to 16:30 (to know more - clic here)     

The fight against financial exclusion...

EFIN bases its actions upon the objective to tackle financial exclusion which refers to ”a process whereby people encounter difficulties accessing and/or using financial services and products in the mainstream market that are appropriate to their needs and enable them to lead a normal social life in the society in which they belong”. a common bond for a large range of stakeholders

The European Financial Inclusion Network (EFIN) is a coalition of European stakeholders (institutions and individuals) involved in financial inclusion, including:
• European networks active in a more specific area of financial inclusion • Public institutions • Trade Unions • NGOs • Universities and Research institutes • Consumer protection organisations • Financial education practitioners • Debt counselling organisations representatives • Financial Institutions • Bank Associations

Financial inclusion priorities in Europe - Download the PDF version.

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Consult the list of stakeholders involved in financial inclusion classified by type of organisation and country and access their contact details. 

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