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EFIN - a EU Network to tackle financial exclusion

On-going short survey on Over-indebtedness - 5 minutes needed to answer it ! Please clic here

This survey is part of a comparative study funded by the Civil Justice Programme of the European Union on Consumer over-indebtness, responsible lending and personal insolvency. The research project is run by Brunel University UK in collaboration with University of Applied Sciences Osnabruck (Germany), University of Trento (Italy) and EKPIZO (Greece).
For this study to be as accurate as possible, we would like to get an insight in how you, as a professional, evaluate current EU laws in the area of consumer over-indebtness and personal insolvency.

The fight against financial exclusion...

EFIN bases its actions upon the objective to tackle financial exclusion which refers to ”a process whereby people encounter difficulties accessing and/or using financial services and products in the mainstream market that are appropriate to their needs and enable them to lead a normal social life in the society in which they belong”. a common bond for a large range of stakeholders

The European Financial Inclusion Network (EFIN) is a coalition of European stakeholders (institutions and individuals) involved in financial inclusion, including:
• European networks active in a more specific area of financial inclusion • Public institutions • Trade Unions • NGOs • Universities and Research institutes • Consumer protection organisations • Financial education practitioners • Debt counselling organisations representatives • Financial Institutions • Bank Associations

Financial inclusion priorities in Europe - Download the PDF version.

Last important events !

Shaping the Consumer Policy of the Future, Brussels, 1-2 June 2015 (clic-here)

On the 1st June, the Summit hosts plenary sessions dedicated to the analysis of the current political scenario through contributions provided by national and European high-level policy-makers. Moreover, the debate will be enriched by simultaneous seminars that will address the challenges for the protection of consumers' rights on four major themes:

European Conference Accessible and fair financial services: alternatives to mainstream banking

11-12 May 2015, Madrid  - Conference - Access to video captures and speakers presentations (clic here)

A European Strategy Against Over-indebtedness: What could be done at the EU level?

12 December 2014 - Conference - Access to video captures and speakers presentations, clic here 

Access the "Who's who" database

Consult the list of stakeholders involved in financial inclusion classified by type of organisation and country and access their contact details. 

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