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EFIN - a EU Network to tackle financial exclusion

The fight against financial exclusion...

EFIN bases its actions upon the objective to tackle financial exclusion which refers to ”a process whereby people encounter difficulties accessing and/or using financial services and products in the mainstream market that are appropriate to their needs and enable them to lead a normal social life in the society in which they belong”. a common bond for a large range of stakeholders

The European Financial Inclusion Network (EFIN) is a coalition of European stakeholders (institutions and individuals) involved in financial inclusion, including:
• European networks active in a more specific area of financial inclusion • Public institutions • Trade Unions • NGOs • Universities and Research institutes • Consumer protection organisations • Financial education practitioners • Debt counselling organisations representatives • Financial Institutions • Bank Associations

Financial inclusion priorities in Europe - Download the PDF version.

NEW EVENT !! Conference Accessible and fair financial services: alternatives to mainstream banking 

11-12 May 2015, Madrid


This conference is organised by COFACE, in partnership with EFIN.
All families have needs. Having a place to live, paying the bills, acquiring a means of transportation or simply being able to make and receive payments with a bank account.
Financial services are essential to all households but some are excluded from access to basic financial products. Strictly speaking, financial inclusion is the delivery of financial services at affordable costs to a variety of segments of society including disadvantaged and low-income families, workers with irregular income earners, or fixed term contract workers. But it is much more than that. Almost all families are vulnerable when it comes to financial services.

Over the years, financial products have become more complex and even for more basic products like a mortgage the stress and hurry involved in purchasing a house is enough to make mistakes. Families need honest and objective information and must know the worst-case scenarios of the different choices. So who really needs financial inclusion? Almost everyone.

COFACE will host a conference on the theme of financial inclusion and the alternatives to mainstream banking in Madrid on 11-12 May 2015.

The conference will directly address some key issues about access to independent and quality information and essential financial products for families, showing that alternatives exist, even for the most vulnerable families.

The conference will be divided into five panels:

Panel 1: Independent information and guidance

Panel 2: Affordable credit for families

Panel 3: Families in financial distress, arrears and foreclosures

Panel 4: Alternatives to commercial banks

Panel 5: The role of civil society and alternative financial institutions in policy making


A European Strategy Against Over-indebtedness: What could be done at the EU level?

12 December 2014 - Conference - Access to video captures and speakers presentations, clic here 

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