EFIN provides to its members…

A digested set of informations coming from the EU Institutions and other brussels based actors dedicated to financial inclusion issues
An effective tool to make their voices, opinions (on their national reality) heard and taken into account by the EU authorities.
An opportunity to collaborate to EU Consultation answers
A support to establish direct contact with the EU Commission staff
An opportunity to collaborate to positions paper, to policy recommendations
A network to exchange knowledge and opinion on practices, regulations,… to identify good practices, to support your initiative in advocacy

Our members are very diverse in size, perspective and capacity to be reactive or not… BUT
they are all very necessary to support EFIN existence and contribute to its representativity and legitimacy. So you can become a “very active” or a more “receptive” member, no matter the roleyou want to play, your presence in our members list is already a great help.
The fundingorginiated by the members’ fee payment is the real guarantee of EFIN independant voice! So jump in support our action!

What are EFIN specificities

  • EFIN’s purposes are not represented at the EU level, an dthe EU Comission is keen on getting information not only from the industry, but by a larger range of stakeholders;
  • Efin is an original initiative, network ? think tank ? where a large range of stakeholders, who share a common interest for financial inclusion, are gathered and thus is an essential source of information for the EU institutions.
  • EFIn is now invited on a regular base to collaborate to expert group, stakeholders group on Financial inclusion (ECON, Parliament, Commission, DG Just, DG Employment, DG Market).

How to apply?

In order to become a member of EFIN aisbl, we invite you to read the following information ( EFIN’ by-laws extracts) and to contact Olivier Jérusalmy – olivier.jerusalmy[at]financite.beThe complete application process includes:

*  a membership application form (for an organisation / for an individual) including motivation purposes;
*  the last annual activity report (if the candidate is an organisation);
*  the last financial report (if the candidate is an organisation);
*  recommendation letters from two EFIN members.

The annual membership fees have been determined during the last General Assembly.
50 € for individuals;
250 € for not-for-profit organisations;
750 € for private companies.

EFIN by-laws (extracts)

Article 3 – Purpose

§1. The European Financial Inclusion Network (EFIN) is a coalition of European stakeholders (institutions and individuals) involved in financial inclusion, including Financial Institutions & Bank Associations, European networks active in a more specific area of financial inclusion (e.g.: consumer debt, microfinance, responsible credit,…), Public institutions, Trade Unions, NGOs, Universities and Research institutes, Consumer protection organisations, Financial education practitioners and debt counseling organisations representatives.
EFIN promotes financial inclusion through research, debate, exchange and dissemination. Its members base their common actions upon the objective to tackle financial exclusion which refers to a process whereby people encounter difficulties accessing and/or using financial services and products in the mainstream market that are appropriate to their needs and enable them to lead a normal social life in the society in which they belong.
In order to achieve these objectives, EFIN will:

    Increase knowledge on Financial inclusion by all effective methods – survey, study, analysis, data collection…; the aim is to increase and format available data & develop use of indicators to monitor financial exclusion, to provide regular assessment of financial inclusion based on available indicators and to identify and evaluate policy measures with a positive impact on financial inclusion and to highlight the impact of financial inclusion policies on wider social inclusion;
    Be a forum and mutual learning place; the aim is to increase mutual learning on financial inclusion policies, strengthen the participation of all key actors in that process, stimulate debate on specific issues which improve the general understanding of the context and the constraints of each stakeholders;
    Ensure knowledge dissemination and financial inclusion promotion; the aim is to increase policy-makers awareness and information on policy measures to promote financial inclusion and to develop and promote European, national, regional and local strategies.

EFIN, through its democratic structure, aims at the full participation of members in transparency and respect for their diversity. It is committed to promoting gender parity and diversity representation in the structures of the Social Platform. EFIN seeks to bring added value to the work of its members. Whilst the actions of EFIN are focused on the European level, EFIN supports the development of these values at a global level.

§2. The Association may carry out any activity it considers necessary or useful to promote its aims and tasks and shall also assume the defense of its members’ interests as well as their members as appropriate. The Association shall respect the specificity of its members and does not intend to substitute them in relation to their actions and positions.

Article 4 – Membership

The Association is a coalition open to any European stakeholders involved in financial inclusion, which (i) meets the criteria for membership set forth in these statutes and (ii) has accepted the Association’s statutes.
The Association shall have six membership categories, that are to be understood in a broad meaning, in order to include all members : (i) policy makers, (ii) providers of the financial industry, (iii) consumer representatives, (iv) researchers, (v) social services and (vi) trade unions of the financial sector.
Members may at any time request a change in the category of their membership, following the rules set out for admission to the relevant category.

Article 5 – Members

Applicants whose aims and activities conform to articles 3 and 4 of these statutes may be admitted to the Association as members.
The rights of members include full voting rights in the Association and the right to stand for election to the organizational structures of the Association in accordance with these statutes.
Members set the policies, guidelines and priorities of the Association and make an ongoing contribution to its activities.
Members shall be informed and consulted on an ongoing basis about the activities of the Association.
Members shall contribute an annual membership fee, the amount of which shall be determined by the General Assembly in accordance with article 10 of these statutes and the applicable provisions of the internal rules.

Article 6 – Membership application procedure

Applications for admission as a member shall be directed to the Management Committee.
The application has to include:

    *  a membership request form;
    *  a letter of motivation which explicitly illustrates commitment to financial inclusion;
    *  the last annual activity report (if the candidate is an organisation);
    *  the last financial report (if the candidate is an organisation);
    *  recommendation letters from two EFIN members

The Management Committee shall issue an advice to the General Assembly, which shall decide whether or not to admit the applicant as a member.
Membership is acquired following (i) a resolution of the General Assembly to that effect and (ii) the payment of the applicable membership fee.
Applications for changes in membership category shall be treated in the same way as applications for membership.