Papers from speakers collected in the European Credit research Institute (ECRI) Spring Edition 2016 of the ECRI Newsletter

  • “Observations on ‘Over-indebtedness of European households: myths and realities’ “, David Rees, p. 2
  • “Addressing household over-indebtedness: finding common ground”, Hans Dubois, p. 3
  • “Early detection of late payment – problems in Amsterdam: Vroeg Eropaf, Jan Siebols, p. 4
  • “Arrears and debt management:looking for an efficient method!”, Olivier Jerusalmy, p. 5
  • “CAWIN – Understanding insolvency using debt advice data”, Udo Reifner, p. 6
  • “Over-indebtedness and effects on health and working ability: What are the costs to society? A micro health-economical analysis”, Richard Ahlström, p. 6

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